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Costume Design Services

The Costume Loft offers professional design services.

Marti Calson started designing costumes and garments when she was ten years old. Her passion has remained in full force for some 50 years. She studied costume and apparel design at UCLA and Choinnard Art Institute.

Marti loves to design and construct costumes. Her specialty is renaissance and medieval gowns. She has amassed thousands of drawings over the years and the patterns to go with them. See our picture gallery you will love her designs and every year they are fancier than before.

Of course, we are not limited to just this area of design. We have designed and constructed cavemen, mermaids, sasquatch, coffecups, stars and many other strange and wondrous things.

We never know what the next project will be and we are always looking for wonderful new fabrics, beads and bangles to make our costumes more wonderful.

If you are looking for beautiful custom designs for your production we are here to help your vision become a reality.

Please take the time to call us or email us. We are a company designed to provide great products and services.

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